The Allied Powers were the countries that opposed the Axis Powers during World War II. The Alled Powers united because either they had been invaded, or thratened with invasion, or they were determined to curb the spread of Fascism across the globe. Major Allied powers throughout the war included Britain, France, before it's defeat in 1940, the USSR, and the USA, as well as China, and other nations resisting Axis rule.

After the invasion of Poland.Edit

The Allies at the outset of the war were primarily Britain and France, who were joined by the Commonwealth nations shortly after. The Allies gave assistance first to Denmark and Norway, an then to the Low Countries and Luxembourg. After the fall of France, Britain was left to fight on alone, and later in 1940 was forced to go to the aid of Greece, who joined the Western allies.

After Operation BarbarossaEdit

After Germany broke the non-agression pact she had signed with the Soviet Union by invading Russia, the USSR joined the allies, uniting with Britain in the fight for freedom. The Russian Red Army desperately needed a second front in Europe, to ease the hardships and losses the Russian miltiary had sustained.

After the Attack on Pearl HarbourEdit

Following the suprise attack on Pearl harbour, the primary base for the United States Pacific Fleet, the USA declared war on Japan, and Germany and Italy several days later. Because of this, China was effectively brought into the Allied powers, due to the American and British declaration of war against Japan. By the time of the allied D-Day landings, over 26 countries were members of the Allies.

List of Allied PowersEdit

In chronological order

  1. Poland
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. India
  6. Canada
  7. New Zealand
  8. South Africa
  9. Palestine
  10. Egypt
  11. Netherlands
  12. Norway
  13. Belgium
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Yugoslavia
  16. Soviet Union
  17. United States
  18. China
  19. Brazil
  20. Mexico
  21. Bolivia
  22. Chile
  23. Colombia
  24. Costa Rica
  25. Cuba
  26. Dominican Republic
  27. El Salvador
  28. Guatemala
  29. Haiti
  30. Honduras
  31. Nicaragua
  32. Panama
  33. Venezuela
  34. Cuba
  35. Greece
  36. Ethiopia
  37. Iraq
  38. Iran
  39. Peru
  40. Lebanon
  41. Syria
  42. Argentina
  43. Turkey
  44. Uruguay
  45. Paraguay
  46. Ecuador
  47. Romania