Orginization Edit

The Panzergrenadiers were mechanized infantry organized as both part of panzer division, and separate Panzer grenadier Divisions. Two further subcategories are that of the armored and motorized Panzer grenadiers. These forces were intended to support the panzers, holding captured territory while waiting for the leg infantry to catch up. The armored version road to battle in halftracks, often gaining fire support form machineguns and light anti-tank weapons, such as the PaK36 mounted on the vehicles. While the motorized variant dismounted form their trucks at a distance and walked into battle.

Equipment Edit

Panzergrenadiers wore the standard Field Grey uniforms of the Wehrmacht. This was often supplemented with camouflaged smocks and helmet covers. They carried weapons like the Kar98k, MP40, MG42 and G43 rifle. As the war progressed they received Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck infantry anti-tank weapons.